Walk-In and Telehealth Mental Health & Addiction Services

8AM to 11AM, Monday through Thursday at 3111 East Broadway, Bismarck ND 

Accepting Medicaid, Sanford, Sanford Expansion, BCBS, Tribal Care & Self Pay

Call 701-751-0299 to open your file today.

Insurance information and required payments will be due prior to the appointment. 

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Addiction Counseling

Walk In Clinic Staff will visit with you to learn about your needs and support you in reaching your goals. Whether you are battling the disease of addiction for drugs or alcohol, are seeking treatment or crisis support;  our team is here for you. Select "Our Team" above to learn about our caring counselors.

Mental Health Counseling 

Whether you are facing depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, stress or a life change; our diverse team will work together to meet your needs. Mental health therapists work with Psychiatric services to help clients get the most out of their visit. We believe in a person-centered approach, supporting clients to identify and work towards their happiest lives. Check out "Our Team" above to learn about the caring experts waiting to help.

Couples & Family 

Healthy intimate partner and family relationships are important parts of overall wellness. Summit Counseling provides services to help with communication, trust building, co-parenting and more. Check out "Our Team" to learn about the caring experts waiting to help at Summit.

When it comes to Mental Health and Addiction, timely service matters. That is why we are excited to better serve our communities through our Walk-in Counseling Clinic.

Summit Counseling Team