Summit Counseling has quite simply given me my life back & helped me find myself again. I had been stuck in a rut, feeling the same way for nearly 8 years with little to no improvement all while being prescribed the same medicine that clearly wasn't helping. I knew I needed help & Summit answered the call.

Upon my first visit I knew I was in the right place. My therapist, Chelle, was so kind, cool & intelligent. She took the time to really listen & understand. She has gone above and beyond as a therapist and truly truly cares. She also knew we needed to get my meds figured out and that is where Liz comes into the picture!

Liz was nothing short of amazing and has taken the time and care to find the right medicine that has worked wonders for me.

I am so grateful for Summit Counseling. If you are contemplating starting therapy let this be your sign to make the call. You have nothing to lose and the whole rest of your life to gain.

A Grateful Gal