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 The Board of Directors guides and assists the agency in reviewing policy and procedures as well as ensures that the mission for Summit Counseling Services is carried out and maintained.  They serve to help maintain continuity and safety of the agency, those the agency serves, and its employees. The board meets on a quarterly basis and as needed. 

George, Board Member

George is one of the founders of Summit Counseling. He is also a board member. He is affectionately called "The Business Guy." He steps in wherever needed and is instrumental in all that we do. He often works behind the scenes, nights, and weekends to ensure things are running smoothly. He is an all around good guy that does what needs doing. George loves fishing, helping others and fixing things around the house as he can fix anything

Brenda, Board Member

Brenda is one of the founders of Summit Counseling as well as a board member. Her vision to bring services to rural North Dakota has come to life with the many locations Summit has expanded. She has a heart of gold with the intention of helping those in need of mental health or addiction services. She has over 20 years of experience in the helping profession and continues to be an asset to the board.

Brain Lawton, Director of Great Northwest Education Cooperative

Brain originally came to Summit Counseling as a Grant Writer in 2018.  He then moved into the North Dakota Educational System and continued to advance his career and education.  Brain understands the mission of Summit Counseling Services and is a great supporter of what we do.  Brain resides in  Williston.  

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Allison Traynor, LCSW

Allison has been involved and instrumental in many areas of mental health in the State of North Dakota. She has worked in the state system, is a founder of a ND Suicide Prevention Non-profit, has been a past Assistant Director of Summit Counseling Services and is now a therapist with Youth Works in their Human Trafficking's Program.  We are so very fortunate to have Allison as part of our Board of Directors as she truly has a heart for Behavioral Health and how to meet the needs of North Dakota.

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